00Pay Merchant Application Process

The process for applying for payment services is as follows:

1. Complete the online Pre-App. form

As a first step in setting up your account for accepting payments, please create your 00Pay Merchant Services Account here.

Once your account has been created then you may log into your account to manage all aspects of your application.

Within 24 hours we will conduct an assessment and issue you with a response to your application.

Pre-screening details required:

  • Your Business and the Owner's details
  • Your Website's Service Offering
  • Information about Accepting Payments
    • currencies required
    • virtual terminal access
    • recurring billing requirements
    • your expected volumes
    • your processing history

Pre-app. response:

Response Explantion
PENDING Your pre-application is Pending approval. This may be because we need additional information from you. Reasons will be provided to you within your Vendor Account interface.
PRE-APPROVED Your pre-application has been Pre-Approved. You are now directed to Step 2 below.
DECLINED Your pre-application is been Declined. We are not able to provide services for your website(s) at this time.

2. Upload your Documents:

After you have submitted your pre-application, we will require certain documentation in conjunction with your application as part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. Use the 'Documents Required' menu under 'My Account' to navigate to your secure document archive. (you need to be logged into your 00pay account for this and the following links on this page to work)

Documents required are as follows:

  • Proof of Incorporation (if you are trading under a business)
  • Proof of Identification for each director/owner
  • Proof of Address (P.O.A) for each director/owner
  • Business License (if applicable)
  • Recent Processing Statements (if applicable)

Further information :

  • Proof of Identification should be a scan of either your Passport or Government Issued Identification papers or Driver's License. Take note that your ID should show your photograph.
  • Proof of Address should be a recent Utility Bill (eg. Electricity, Water or Gas account) or a recent Bank Statement showing your address.
  • If you are trading under a business then Proof of Address may alternatively be proof of address for your business.
  • If you are trading under a business then we require a scan showing your company's Incorporation document.
  • Certain online industries such as pharmaceutical sales and gaming and gambling and Tobacco sales and MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order) will require additional documentation such as a business license to be submitted.

3. Submit your signed Merchant Application Form

Based on information you furnish within your Pre-App, we generate your Merchant Application Form (MAF). This form would need to be printed out and signed, scanned and then uploaded. Choose the 'Account Progress' menu option under the 'My Account' menu to go to the page where you can download your MAF as well as upload your signed form.

If we require any additional information completed on your MAF then this will be indicated to you within your 'Account Progress' page of your account.

Next steps:

  • Your application will be now submitted to the most appropriate banking/processing partner depending on your type of business.
  • Your application is confidentially reviewed by our and/or our partner's compliance department and acquiring banks. This usually takes 3-7 working days.
  • Upon Approval you will be sent instructions on how to integrate your website for accepting payments and managing your members (if you are selling membership subscriptions).
  • In some cases a separate Merchant Agreement Form will be sent to you to be signed.

Questions about the application process?

You are welcome to contact us should you need further clarity or if you have any additional questions not answered here.

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